Ostara/Easter Crafts

Ostara and Easter crafts seem fairly synonymous so I won’t necessarily differentiate between them. First of all, though, I wanted to show you the daisy card I made that I listed in the last post about Vernal Equinox crafts!

It really wasn’t too difficult at all.  Instead of  knotting the thread on the back, though, I just taped it down.  And you can use a thumbtack instead of an awl.

Ok, back to Ostara and Easter crafts!  Of course there are the usuals – coloring Easter eggs and making bunny masks, etc.  Here are a couple of more unusual ones:

I see a lot of posts about making an Ostara tree… basically a collection of sticks and branches that you decorate with spring-like items:  eggs, birds, etc.

(Here is the link for the tree pictured below; this page also contains a couple of other crafts:)

Or how about an Easter egg terrarium?  The flower isn’t real, but the other items are…looks very cute!

These candle holders are adorable!

Lastly, a lovely wreath – made from artificial flowers and a hangar.  That’s it.  I thought it turned out really nice!


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