Vernal Equinox Crafts

What would a holiday be without crafts?  I’m going to post crafts pertaining to the equinox, Easter and Ostara just to make it all well-rounded 🙂  First I’m going to focus on a couple of crafts I found pertaining to spring.

Nature Sun Catchers:

I didn’t have contact paper, just some laminating paper that didn’t need heat to set, so my daughter and I went for a walk today and gathered some nature things!  She really loved looking for items to use.

I think they turned out rather well!  I hung a few in our windows here and there and on our shelf.  She was able to apply the items to the sticky side and was only willing to cut two circles out.  But she kept me company for the rest while playing with the canning jar lids!


Although I have not done these, I thought they looked neat:  Hammered flower and leaf prints

Egg carton wreath (might try this one!)

Tissue paper stained glass circles

Origami butterflies

And finally (and this one looks really interesting!) a Daisy Stitched Card